You can use this page to report any kind of fisheries related activity you think might be suspicious. The report can be anonymous if you wish but if you give contact details it will help us if any clarification is required.

If you want to speak to someone about suspicious activity or you have difficulty in using this form simply call 0131 271 9700 This telephone facility is continuously available.

Only the fields marked * are compulsory.

What will happen to any information that you submit?

  • All reports of suspected infringements are investigated to the extent that the evidence provides.
  • Sometimes reports of suspected infringements are found not to be infringements so no offence has been committed, but we don’t establish this until we have investigated.
  • Some reports of suspected infringements will be duplicates of other reports such as a report of the same events from separate individuals, or indeed the same report submitted by an individual and then submitted again by an organisation.
  • Some reports of suspected infringements won’t go much further or be limited to “soft” measures such as verbal rebriefs or advisory letters as in our view there simply isn’t sufficient corroborative evidence for tougher action such as a Fixed Penalty Notice or a referral to the Crown Office and Procurator Fiscal Service (both of which require the key facts of the case to be corroborated).
  • Others reports of suspected infringements will be investigated further and may ultimately lead to tougher sanctions.